Three years ago, 'The Umbrella Academy' premiered on Netflix and it was an instant hit, the second season was an even bigger success as it increased the stakes and everything along with it. Another apocalypse is in the books as the gang returns for a third season. But does it keep up with the standards set by the previous seasons? 'The Umbrella Academy 3' follows the team who are now stuck in an alternate timeline as they team up with new and old faces to stop another apocalyptic event.

There are a lot of remarkable things to be said about this season but it isn't without flaws. The introduction of another team was both a blessing and a curse to this season. The relationship and parallels between the two teams were the bedrock of the season and it brought in a lot of emotional aspects, even more than before. But the large cast affected the storyline, as a lot of the characters were underdeveloped and useless. Most of the time, the direction of the series was confusing and all the unnecessary plot holes didn't help, but it stuck its landing at the end.

The growth of the umbrella team was beautiful with the highlights being Luther, Diego, and Viktor (a transition that was done right). The runtime was painfully long and dragged for a while, but it always regained its momentum. The cast all gave a beautiful performance and Aidan keeps proving how brilliant of an actor he is. The VFX was a mix of beautiful and terrible, the soundtrack was mesmerizing and the cinematography was excellent. The third season feels cliche and all around the place but it has its moments and manages to deliver yet another enjoyable story with a disturbing cliffhanger.



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