The Royal Treatment’ is Netflix’s new installment at the done-to-death trope of people with opposite backgrounds falling in love with each other under strange circumstances, you get the gist right? I mean, the Prince and Commoner thing.

The film follows a New York hairdresser, Izzy who seizes the chance to work at the wedding of a charming prince. When sparks start to fly between the two of them, love and duty are put to the test as the time of the wedding draws closer.

Just from that synopsis, it’s very clear how cliche this storyline is, the plot has been overused in so many films, it lacks anything new to boast of- even Barbie has done multiple films with this storyline.

If you think that’s bad, well it gets worse. The lead female name is Isabella, which rhymes with Cinderella, and if you think it’s a coincidence, let it be known that on their first meeting she forgot her scissors (glass slippers) at the prince’s place, which by some weird reason he used to find his way back to her. Yeah, this film is milking that cliche tank, it’s heartbreaking.

Now that it has been established how cliche this film is, let’s grill it for the fun of it. The main characters lack any onscreen chemistry, it’s confusing how the love bloomed. The performance of the cast emits nothing but cringe unworthy acts, and let’s not even talk about the lame storyline, it feels like I was watching a drama acted by high schoolers. Yes, it was that bad.

Was this cliche or not? Oh, it totally was, the worst kind in fact. The best thing you can do for yourself is to forget the existence of this film.



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